We have solved millions of bolting challenges across industries and national borders. We work closely with our customers all over the world to ensure their excellent record of safety and reliability.

The Aigle-Hitemp is constantly developing cutting edge bolting technology. Our engineers can work with you on your unique bolting challenge and design a product that will meet your needs.

Custom design products

Custom products can be designed and manufactured quickly, to ensure that your downtime is minimized and your equipment is back up and running safely and efficiently. From Split-Nut Thrust Collars, to tamper resistant tensioners, our customers needs drive the creation of newly patented products and result in the Aigle-Hitemp being the world leader in bolting optimization.

Joint calculation and characterization

Because we work closely with our customers to ensure their excellent record of safety and reliability, each project is designed to meet each customer’s specific needs. We analyze and optimize bolted connections with our unique knowledge and tools to deliver effective solutions.

Verification in our in-house laboratory

Aigle-Hitemp Technical Our skilled engineers are always ready to perform technical testing and verification for your bolted connection analysis.

For more information on services available through our technical centers, please visit our Technical Support section.

Real-life testing and validation at your site

Our skilled engineers can perform a thorough investigation of your bolted connections, including real-life tests and/or validation at your site. We also offer installation support and on-site training, see Aftermarket.

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