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AIGLE HI-TEMP PRODUCT is the result of the cooperation of the process plant groups of Linde and BOC, two established, experienced industry-wide companies. This cooperation has combined expertise in the areas of Air Separation, Gas Processing, Refining, Hydrogen and Synthesis Gas, and Deep Cryogenics. LBPP is a member of the Linde Engineering Division of The Linde Group.
The AIGLE HI-TEMP PRODUCT is the result of in-house Technology, Engineering, Fabrication and Construction capabilities implemented by a team of skilled employees throughout all phases of each project.

The AIGLE HI-TEMP PRODUCT provides project development flexibility with complete control of each aspect of project execution. From feasibility studies to process design, mechanical design, equipment and materials procurement, fabrication (modular or otherwise), construction, commissioning and start-up, or any combination thereof.

Because AIGLE HI-TEMP PRODUCT successfully performs simultaneous engineering, design, procurement and scheduling, we are able to meet the stringent delivery requirements of our clients. LBPP’s ongoing record for budget and schedule compliance means our clients can depend on LBPP to deliver quality results. Rather than executing projects on a cost plus basis, LBPP prefers lump sum turn key projects. This business model results in rigorous control and thorough project documentation. Of course, LBPP will work with all other business arrangements that are beneficial for our clients.

For our clients, the AIGLE HI-TEMP PRODUCT provides:

Industry-wide process plant design and supply capability

Single point responsibility for all areas of the project

Streamlined communications

Greater project development flexibility

Rapid project development

Enhanced cost savings

Aggressive schedules

Consistent methodologies       

Improved risk management

Lump sum contracts

Earlier cash flow benefits

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